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Text Your Way to More Profits

June 28th 2018

10:00am MDT

Text message marketing has been around for years. But most small business owners either aren’t using it or it’s not producing the results they had hoped for. On the webinar “Text Your Way to More Profits”, you’re going to discover what small businesses have been doing wrong and how you can use text messaging to build extremely profitable relationships with your contacts. We’ll cover everything from cost to strategy to content and show you why text message marketing should be one of your favorite marketing techniques.

What you will learn:

How Will SMS work for you?

Why do many people get no response from their SMS marketing? Where did it fail and how can you avoid their same mistakes?

See the secrets behind doubling sales with SMS

Examples and case studies from the top to the bottom of the funnel and how we double sales from an already profitable webinar!

How to write the perfect content for your SMS

With a limited number of characters you need to be very good at what you say.  Learn how the best copy writer in the market can make it easy!